Welcome to our range of Satellite & Antenna mounts

We have a comprehensive range of mounts to suit almost every application from a standard colourbond or tile roof to portable and caravan mounts.  If you are unsure which mount is best for your needs please call us on and we will be more than happy to provide you with expert advice.

Antenna Mount- Tile Roof

Tile Roof Tripod Mount for freestanding fitting of all standard antennas in ‘sweet spots’.
Can be mounted anywhere on a tile roof.  Requires 2 holes to be drilled through a tile to screw the mount to a baton to hold it firmly in place.
Includes 1.2m mast.


Lightweight Aluminium Telomast – Extends to 3.6m (also available in 4.8m).
Can be mounted on caravan draw bar (with draw bar mount - sold separately) or fixed to side of caravan.


Fascia Mount – Hot Dip Galvanised. Curved mount for facia board mounting.
Lenght 1.5m. Secure using galvanised coach screws. Easy installation.